Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Old House....demolished!

This house was the first house built in Mountain home. Carson and I love the spot but the house was just too old to even attempt to fix up, so we decided to tear it down and start fresh! When we started to push it over the back hoe was not strong enough. This house was built good!!! We did a little with it and then they got the track hoe and pushed it all over. I wasn't there thats why there isn't any pictures, but they said it was even hard with that! 
We are just about to build now and we are so excited!!! It seemed like it was never going to happen!

Libbee is just so cute I had to add this! When we went to take a picture of it all done she just had to look out the window and she acted like she knew exactly what we were looking at! Oh we love her!!

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