Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is my very first time ever making bread!! Once I got it figured out and had all the ingredients in, it turned out so good and I was so excited!! This was actually my 2nd attempt...the first batch I didn't add the water...so I threw it away and started over and look at the results!!

It rose perfect!! Don't you agree?

A little lumpy....like it matters right?

I know it isn't very smooth and perfect but I'll get the hang of it sometime! My mom had to give me directions over the phone how to put it in the pan... I know that is probably the easiest part but it was my first time and for some reason I never watched my mom make bread.

Carson & I enjoyed it very much!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Events

Thanksgiving 09'

So since I'm way behind I decided to put all the family pictures together(:

Thanksgiving at my parents

Carson & Randy looking really bored~ Waiting for the big feast

Justin enjoying his pie(: (Katti's oldest son)

Rustin & Ryler~ Rustin was just really tired & didn't want to play most of the night

Logan, MiKinzie & Me (Katti's other two)

Katti, Mikinzie & Me

Me, Sharli, Gma Alice, Katti & Mom~ Karri just had her baby so she didn't make it out this year.

New Years Eve

Gpa & Gma Miles take the grandkids out to dinner every new years eve. We ate at the Hollow Moon. It was very good, of course, and a lot of fun(:

Weston & Jennica

Gma Nancy & Gpa Lloyd

Maclain & Erica

Carson & Me

All of us(:

I just wanted to take a picture! Carson has gotten good at not cooperating now that we are married! Lol jk(:

Maclain's Bday Dinner

We went to Don Padro's for Maclain's b-day. We went there once just to eat and they told the people it was my bday and it really wasn't. The whole time we were getting ready to go eat Maclain was threatening us that we better not tell them it was his bday or he would be so mad! Well Jennica told and he got the pleasure of wearing the hugh hat!! And I had to take pictures because they did it to me~

A Family of Three?

This is Libbe! She was born October 17, 2009. I am so happy we got a puppy before we have a kid. She is just like a kid! Least I think! She has the cutest personality, kinda bossy actually. Carson likes to tease her, of course, and she gets mad at him. Its so funny! She will go crazy barking (like mean barking) in his face until he quits. These first pictures are of before I got her. She is the lightest one in the basket. The next couple are when we got her. She was so tiny I was scared someone was going to step on her. She has been through alot actually! First I was packing her in one arm and then my other arm was loaded too. Usually she just sits in my arm and is good, but this one day we were at my moms trying to leave and just as I stood up from loading my other arm she started to crawl out! It happened so fast, she fell out and hit her head on the table!! I felt so bad! She didn't even whine, just shook her head and grunted a little! Then the next accident happened at my house. She likes to go out side and one night I was cooking steak so I went out and got it and was bringing it back in and I usually hear her bell on her collar, but I think she was waiting by the door cuz I didn't hear it..I closed the door with my foot and I hear a big thud!! I smashed her in the dooR!! This time she was hurt....I thought she might die actually. But it turned out she was just fine, she went to Carson and she was just kinda mad at me for hurting her. LOL! So see it is very good I got a puppy before a baby!! Lol. She is a ton of fun we love her!!!

Hazer & Libbee

She loves her bed(:

Both her ears are standing up. She is almost 12 wks here.

                                                                  She weighs 1 lb 6 oz.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My 21st B-day!

For my b-day which was on October 28, yes I am very behind, I got a camera:) and we bought our house. Wahoo!!! It was a great b-day!!

My grandma makes some pretty good flower arrangements. She made some for my wedding and then for the fall she made a bunch like this. She gave me one for my birthday.

Haha crazy love:)