Friday, February 5, 2010

Trouble...But Adorable(:

Well this is what I get to come home to about everyday.... Cuz I usually forget to put the garbage can out of her reach. The little stinker! But look how cute she is posing(:
Libbee has many loves.... Carson is her #1. Its funny, I wish I had a picture, but every single night she crawls up right by his head. She'll walk all over him until she is comfy. Usually she finds the best spot right by his face. LOL its VERY cute(: Her 2nd love is SOCKS! She always finds a sock to drag around!

This is her 3rd love. If Carson leaves a hat where she can reach it she will tear the very top off. When she first gets it he ends up with little strands poking up. Its funny! Look she even has made marks in the metal on this one!! 
My NEW  area rug.... she has got all 4 corners looking this way.....
My shoes!!!! These are her 4th loves!! This one is about to now its hers. The little terd!!!
Haha so you see she loves many things and most the things she loves to do I don't love the results... I hope she grows out of it actually!! All this chewing things up is not going to fly.. Lol jk(; we love her way to much!!!

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  1. Little stinker... Looks like you've got your hands FULL! Good thing there is only one of here huh....