Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is my very first time ever making bread!! Once I got it figured out and had all the ingredients in, it turned out so good and I was so excited!! This was actually my 2nd attempt...the first batch I didn't add the water...so I threw it away and started over and look at the results!!

It rose perfect!! Don't you agree?

A little lumpy....like it matters right?

I know it isn't very smooth and perfect but I'll get the hang of it sometime! My mom had to give me directions over the phone how to put it in the pan... I know that is probably the easiest part but it was my first time and for some reason I never watched my mom make bread.

Carson & I enjoyed it very much!!!

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  1. Turned out pretty good for your first time. I've watched mom make bread before and I still didn't know how to put it in the pan either, she had to tell me. On a side note- I really like your fruit bowl in the background and I know that you used them at your wedding- do you have another one I can have?